Are you looking to start a workplace health and 

wellness program? 

From establishing the wellness needs of your workplace to creating a simple, yet effective, workplace wellness program, we can design and establish health and wellness programming that will meet the diverse needs and interests of your employees.   

In addition, we offer a mentorship training program that focuses on the psychology of health promotion, leadership, mentorship, and employee support.  From learning to lead a mindfulness meditation group to facilitating a healthy eating workshop this program is  a positive step to empowering and motivating employees to take a leadership role in workplace health. See below for more information.

Mentorship Training

Maybe you are interested in training your own in-house mentors  to lead and facilitate health and wellness "lunch 'n learn" programs or other workplace health initiatives.  Research has shown that without the appropriate leadership style and motivational strategies, health and fitness programs will fail.  Some participants respond well to the autocratic leader while others need a transformational approach to help them continue with a health and wellness program. 

Kathi has trained facilitators for over 20 years and has helped to create many facilitator training programs, both provincially and nationally, during that time.   She can create a peer training package that will build workplace health promotion mentors from the ground up to become effective motivators and change agents in workplace wellness.