Either chose from our menu or let us design something suited to the unique needs of your team. Every topic we offer relates and dovetails well with each other. Combine workshops to create an inclusive professional development opportunity that address all components of health, well-being, and workplace respect or take the day to explore, deconstruct, and discuss one topic for a deeper learning experience. 


We understand that time is money and many organizations cannot dedicate a full day to professional development and training. Let us design something that addresses your topics of interest but keeps to a timeline. We may not be able to dig as deep into the subject, but we promise the same high quality learning opportunities that can fit into any workplace timeline or schedule. 


If you don't see a workshop topic that suits your needs, and it falls under the umbrella of mental health, health psychology, or health promotion, we can design something that speaks to your organization. 

 @ WorkSolutions represents over 30 years in the health prevention field and our formal education spans across the science and psychology of physical, mental, social, and emotional health. Examples of previous workshops include;  Gender in the Workplace, Health by Chocolate, Ergonomics; It's Not About the Chair, Life is Not a Beer Commercial and much more! 

From addictions awareness and suicide intervention to stress management and dealing with difficult people, we can deliver!