The Every Body Project

There are more health education programs in schools than ever before.  Although there are many positive influences of school-based health promotion programs, there are some unintentional negative health outcomes depending on how the message of health is delivered.  The simple practice of labelling food as "good" and "bad" can lead many children into a disordered relationship with food and their bodies.  How we share the message is as important as the message itself. 

The Every Body Project was designed as a prevention-based learning opportunity for school administration and educators so that they may effectively promote healthy behaviours such as physical activity and healthy nutrition while respecting body diversity and individual differences.  We examine the underlying assumptions of "choice" and discuss the myriad of factors that influence health behaviour. 

This workshop will begin with an open group discussion examining our own beliefs about food, exercise, body and health and how these beliefs can seep into our messages around eating and exercise.  Using a combination of research, clinical practice, personal experience, and professional observations from the field of health promotion, Kathi will tie each together and leave your team with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to promote body diversity and positive body image at school and at home. 


We can tailor this subject to fit any conference or Pro D day and promise a thought-provoking and engaging learning experience for educators, administration, and all those who care and support youth.

We understand schools may be operating on a limited budget and are able to create learning packages that fit any budget.