Who is Kathi Cameron?

Kathi has over 30 years of experience as a facilitator, educator, and presenter in the field of exercise,  health promotion, and mental fitness.   She holds an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, a masters degree in Exercise and Sport Psychology, and a masters degree in Clinical Psychology.  Kathi has developed and grown health promotion programs for some of the largest organizations in Canada and has a keen understanding of  why one program may succeed while the others fail.   

She has created educational curriculum for the YM-YWCA of Greater Victoria, University of Victoria, North Island College, and Canadian Armed Forces. Most recently, she designed and facilitated a sexual harassment prevention workshop and has trained over 1100 Canadian Armed Forces members on Vancouver Island.  This workshop has been adopted nationally and Respect in the CAF is now offered on all bases and wings within the Canadian Armed Forces.  

Working within the culture of the Forces has allowed Kathi to cultivate the facilitation skills necessary to speak and relate to those male- dominated trades and professions effectively.  Not only is she able to establish a sense of trust and safety within the classroom, but she has proven herself as an effective transformative facilitator and one that is welcomed by the toughest critics (or those who would rather poke their eye out with a pen then participate in a harassment prevention workshop).

In addition to her organizational training work, she serves as a clinical counsellor within the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island,  working with groups and individuals in all areas relating to mental health and well-being.  She leads body image and eating disorder therapy groups and works with a variety of people who are challenged with eating disorders and exercise dependence.

For a more detailed overview of Kathi's professional background, you may visit her on LinkedIn or feel free to email her with your questions.