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We offer pre-packaged and tailored learning programs that promise group engagement through facilitated discussion.  Below are two pre-packaged workshops that have been applied to a wide variety of work environments spanning across academic and first responder workplace cultures. Continue scrolling for a list of alternative topics that promise to support your mission of supporting a respectful and healthy work environment. 

Harassment Prevention for 

Workplace Resiliency

This one-day workshop incorporates  facilitated group discussion of common attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that may lead to gender, sexual , and  workplace harassment.  Together, we examine our popular culture and many of the hot topics that are circulating through social media, marketing, and entertainment.  

Group discussion takes the lead in the morning; weaving in and out of many important topics while allowing for participants to share and learn from each other.  

The objective of the morning is to establish a set of group defined behaviours that reflect organizational workplace respect.  

The latter half of the day examines the social and psychological barriers that get in the way of speaking against workplace harassment. 

 We will address assertive communication as it relates to reducing harassment at the lowest organizational level and leave your team with a set of skills that will promote respectful workplace relationships.  

The objective of the afternoon is to establish a set of group defined rules of engagement in the workplace that will lay the groundwork  towards intrinsic organizational culture change.

Resiliency @ Work

Organizational health and well-being is becoming a focal point for most employers. From employee absenteeism and workplace accidents to increased conflicts and anger, chronic stress is becoming one of the most prevalent workplace issues in North America. Most importantly, chronic stress is at the heart of many mental health challenges.

This one-day workshop will address the most common mental health issues and what steps we can take to help prevent depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. 

This workshop will provide education and enhance awareness of mental health, mental illness, suicide prevention, and what we can do to strengthen our mental resiliency. This is a strength-based program with prevention at the heart of its design. If you are an employer looking to reduce absenteeism while increasing productivity and employee engagement, this is the learning package for you.  

Workshop Topics

Alone or together, the following are a list of topics we offer to help strengthen workplace resiliency and a culture of respect.

Mental Health @ Work

Dealing with Difficult People

Suicide Awareness and Intervention

Addictions Awareness

Mindfulness @ Work

Building Your Mental Fitness Tool Box

Interpersonal Communication

Workplace Performance and Health (sleep, nutrition, physical activity)