10 Reasons Why Workplace Wellness 

Programs Fail 

(and how yours can succeed)

As a conference presentation, keynote, or professional development event, this workshop addresses the underlying influences and barriers behind why workplace wellness programs fail.  

Taken from over 25 years of organizational health and wellness programming experience, Kathi will and offer 10 simple strategies that  will strengthen organizational well-being. 

Topics will include leadership theory, the science and psychology of health, and the perils of the health and  fitness cheerleader.  You will be surprised at just how little time and effort it really takes to establish an effective workplace wellness program. 

Well @ Work

The most common barriers to establishing a healthy eating or exercise plan is time, cost, and boredom.  Couple that with the lack of desired results and we tend to find ourselves back into old behaviours.  What if we told you just a little change in one's lifestyle could reap the biggest returns on investment?  

A little change can go a long way.

From the latest research on exercise, healthy nutrition, sleep, and mental health, Kathi will wade through the mythology and urban myths surrounding health and wellness  and provide you with a few simple tools you can practice at work or at home.  Good health is easier to achieve than we think it is and this workshop is guaranteed to make you feel better about what you are doing now.  

This presentation is a great addition to any workshops we offer.